About Me


I am a poet. Living for the poetic expression of all facets of life. Writing isn't just something I do ... it's something I am.

To write of feelings that touch all hearts in some manner is my greatest delight in life. It is always my joy to know that I've shared a thought that someone has had in their life.

The poems in this collection reflect my heart.. They are me ... and they are everyone. It is my hope that you find one in this collection that brings a soft sigh of remembrance to your heart.

If you have a thought or an idea of something you would
like to have written for you, please contact me at
noles1@totcon.com ... I will be happy to consider doing
a custom-written poem for you.

I'd like to thank Mary Browning for taking time to help me build this fantastic site and for all of the wonderful support she's shown me.

If you find a poem on this page that you would like
to use elsewhere, you need to ask my permission, please.
In most cases, after checking out your site, I will grant
the permission you seek.

As an artist of words, I ask that you give me credit for my work as all of my work is protected by applicable Copyright Laws.

~*Marge Tindal*~