Across The River
~*Marge Tindal*~

Among the legends of the people
harken voices from the past
Kitchi Manitou is speaking
through the Spirits
come at last

Across the glow of moonlit night
owl calls out to wolf in hoot
Wolf in howl echoes to mate
Come we all in sounds relate

Round the campfire burning low
Spirits gather in-the-know
Eagle circles, swoop on wing
gathering - gathering - gathering

Father Spirit stirs the ash
Fire leaps in times recall
Peace will come when Spirits gather
One in Spirit - One in all

Seek you now to gather
Peace is close at hand
We will walk across the river
into the promised land

It will be - as it was intended
Where brothers and sisters of all creed
will be gathered in peaceful assembly
O' Father Spirit hear our need



*All poems Copyrighted by ~*Marge Tindal*~
Please contact her if you wish to use them


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Thank You Don for the flying eagle

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