The Ancient Quill
~*Marge Tindal*~

Legends left on The Trail Of Tears
scattered across this land
It takes a Bear of strength to pen
the words that reach my hand

The Owl brings wisdom's thoughts
to be seen within the quest
Seeking visions from the past
to lay my heart to rest

Spirit Wolf circles stealthily 
watching the gathering of tales of old
Of vision's sparks igniting
a new fire consuming my soul

Across the ages come the messages
of bountiful lands of the past taken
Panorama of peace that didn't last
leaves me visibly shaken

I am all who have gone before me
of the legends to me availed
I gather the sparks of ancient spirits
to give purpose to their tales

One feather quill from wing of Eagle
dipped in the pools of my people's bloodshed
I spread the ink so others may know
that the past is never over
just waiting to be told

A path for returning to the peace
moccasin footprints on the hill
I search to find the words
within this ancient quill

  Marge Tindal
Contact her if you wish to use this poem.


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