At The Campfire Of Old Warrior
~*Marge Tindal*~

Slowly the flames lick at the night
dancing to the music from the stories
come to lay within the embers
told at the campfire of the Old Warrior

Gather 'round and listen
for in his meditations are all the wisdom treasures
from legendary ghosts of the moon-over past
fanned in flaming measure

Incantation chant of spiritual sounds
dancing the ring of fire
Embers glow low into the night
as vessels are filled with inspire

Old Warrior sits the Vision Quest
guiding nocturnal Spirits home
Sharing the sacred messages
of Spirits on the roam

Nestling in among the timbers
sent to light the dwellings
gathered 'round the campfire
seeking ... seeking ... the tellings

Old Warrior in trance as visions dance
among the land of the living
from the portals of the past
giving ~ giving ~ giving

When early morn breaks sun
campfire tellings are done
Old Warrior smiles
with youthful promise of return

As the evening holds counsel again
so does Old Warrior

*Dedicated to the greatest soul-mate
this little heart could ask for
Don Anger - My ~Old Warrior~
I love you


*All poems Copyrighted by ~*Marge Tindal*~
Please contact her if you wish to use them

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