I Am The Blood Left Standing
~Marge Tindal~  1999

I hear the voice of the Cherokee
crying out in the night.
I hear the voice of the lone wolf answer.
Is this also my plight?

On the horizon of many moons,
I see the legends and hear them speak.
I cry the tears of the Cherokee,
they run freely down my cheek.

You cannot take back
what you have lost...
or what has been taken from you.
You can only ask the spirits
to somehow see you through.

For it is written in Cherokee blood
spilled upon the land...
I am the blood left standing.
I hold the future in my hand.

I will not crawl or grovel
meekly this time.
But I will not be denied...
that which is mine.

My forefather's left the spirits
to guide me to this place...
perhaps to prove to you
I am also part of this human race.

So look me in the eye,
meet my gaze forthright.
I am declaring my heritage,
my birth and my right.

'Finder's keepers'.
'Loser's weepers'.
I don't subscribe to this rhyme.
Return to me what you took.
Return what is rightfully mine.

I will not speak with tongue that is forked.
I know what I must do.
You do not 'give' me anything...
I have earned my due.

Don't stand on your throne of empowerment
and claim how generous you've been.
The spirit guardian of the history books
know where you have sinned.

Unless you have the blood
of the Cherokee coursing through your veins,
do not pass judgement on me,
do not with cursed accusations speak my name.

I am the love that lay in the hearts
of all Cherokee who walked the trail.
I am the love of the Cherokee
when I hear their spirits wail.

Take what you will, but remember,
I am protected like you.
And all the spirits of the Cherokee...
speak with your God too.

God of the earth.
God of the sky.
God of the sun and the rain.
All the God's of the Cherokee...
know my name.

I have summoned the spirits
to take mercy on your soul.
The spirits have spoken...
the story is told.

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