Cherokee Rose
 ~Marge Tindal~ 1999

She goes by the name
of Cherokee Rose.
A symbol of suffering
wherever she grows.

A flower so pretty,
in all of her glory shown.
A reminder of the tears shed
where she's grown.

The white of the flower
signifies the mothers tears.
On The Trail where they cried
while giving in to fears.

The gold of the center
to mark the land
taken from the Cherokee
and passed to another's hand.

Seven petals to form the flower,
for the seven Cherokee clans,
forced to walk The Trail
and to leave their land.

They call her Cherokee Rose.
A legend in the making.
The symbol of hope
on the walk they were taking.

Along the Trail Of Tears
you will see
The Cherokee Rose
in all her glory.

Something so pretty
to represent,
a tale so sad,
the misery long spent.

Cherokee Rose still grows
along The Trail Of Tears,
to remind us of the hope
they had through those years.

Cherokee Rose
with all your beauty retained,
you stand as a symbol
of what we will regain.

Cherokee Rose,
the symbol of peace.
Long may you flourish
until the pain does ease.

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