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Collection  One

A Sigh Remembers When
~*Marge Tindal*~  
Sitting alone in thought  
flipping through memory's pages  
Wondering where and how you are
Haven't thought of you in ages  
Only every other heartbeat  
or drop of tear from eye  
This heart remembers you  
on whispers of a sigh  
From deep inside my being
the sound of breath expels
A sigh remembers when  
I knew your love so well  
Somewhere I would hope
you are caught within  
memories of the love we shared  
as your sigh remembers when
With A Touch
~*Marge Tindal*~  
With a touch of her beauty  
she turns on the night  
cascading the glow
with stars burning bright  
One touch of her hand
the day is gone  
night-time shrouding
until early dawn  
Of cloudless clime  
with star-filled skies  
she sings the hush  
of lullabies  
Held in gentle  
slumber's rest  
babe tucked tightly  
to her chest  
Rocking softly
melodious tunes
half-way to the
glow of moon 
Never done  
her watch of night
until there glows
the morning light 
Lay down sweet guardian
night-time has passed  
weary eyes  
now close at last  
Bounce Me On A Whisper
~*Marge Tindal*~  
Dance me across the moonlight  
of a soft sultry summer eve  
Take me beyond the starlight  
as gently as you please  
Bounce me on a whisper  
of gently blowing breeze  
Echo my remember  
through the sycamore trees  
Wrap me in melodic trill  
with bird songs of the night  
Dapple me with dewdrops
moistured with delight  
With the rising of the rays  
held in the sun of morning
Bounce me on a whisper  
of new love dawning



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