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Collection Two


Every Giver Needs A Taker
~*Marge Tindal*~  
Let me love you tenderly
'neath the pale moonlight  
Hold you until the dawn breaks  
after a loving night  
Let me listen to you  
as the stories of your life unfold
Sharing all that you dream
helping you realize your goals 
Let me be your partner  
in front of the crowd
Rooting your team to victory  
standing oh, so proud  
Let me rub your back  
at the end of a weary day
Feed you your favorite meal
and listen to you pray
Every giver needs a taker  
This is who I choose to be  
Giving you my love  
knowing you treat it tenderly
In The Moonlight - Shadows Dancing
~*Marge Tindal*~  
Softly through the window  
rays of moonbeams touch my face 
Shadowed by the memories of 
another time  
another place  
In the moonlight  
shadows dancing
reminding me
of love once glancing
back at me through
another's eyes  
lit with promise
and surprise
that made my  
heart dance freely  
now merely shadows 
dancing in the moonlight
the moonlight  
shadows dancing
touching shadows 
of another time  
with promises
of love
In the moonlight
shadows dancing  
Sound of music from above  
in the moonlight  
shadows romancing  
memories so full of precious love
Dancing shadows  
on moonlight bearing  
Lovely memories  
we are sharing  
In the moonbeams
romance glancing  
In the moonlight  
shadows dancing  
 One Sip Of You
~*Marge Tindal*~  
One sip of you  
quenches my thirst  
Stirring the memory  
that you were first
  Never another  
to share your page
Written in my heart  
your legacy of sage
When drought of tenderness  
parches my soul  
I reach for a sip  
in your ancient bowl
Drinking of the vision  
pooling there still 
Savoring the flavoring
of your memory-fill  
Just a sip  
to get me through  
Memories of you
Memories of you  
 When You Walk My Way
~*Marge Tindal*~  
When you walk my way  
I watch your green eyes  
Reliving the moment  
Caught up in our sighs  
With easy-remembering  
a smile plays on my lips  
The haunting memory  
of your fingertips  
Tracing the words  
whispering my name  
Never before  
Never again  
When you walk my way  
my heart catches you  
Forever here  
Forever new


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