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Hold Me Like Tomorrow Matters
~*Marge Tindal*~  
When shadows of the night awaken  
you come waltzing through the door
Hold me like tomorrow matters  
dance with me forevermore  
Through the years I will remember  
love that always held me tight  
Hold me like tomorrow matters  
do not leave me in the night  
Forever holding and enfolding  
thoughts of you within my heart  
Hold me like tomorrow matters  
from this love I will not depart  
I always will remember  
evenings locked in your embrace  
Hold me like tomorrow matters  
your love reflected on my face
Where Do Lonely Hearts Go?
~*Marge Tindal*~
Where do lonely hearts go  
to find a place to break?  
Show me how to get there
before it is too late.  
Not wanting to be seen  
by happy faces when I cry.  
Where do lonely hearts go  
to unload their lonely sigh?
  It must be by the seashore  
where the waves are always breaking.  
Carried by the undertow
hearts drowning in the aching.  
No lifeguard on patrol,  
no rescue overhead.  
Where do lonely hearts go  
when love is surely dead?  
Along the water's edge,  
sandcastles in the sand,  
dashed and smashed  
by a scorned lovers hand.  
Where do lonely hearts go?  
I wish I didn't have to know.  
Giving up to sure surrender,  
where do breaking hearts go? 
Broken into a thousand pieces,  
floating out to sea  
the tide turns and brings
my broken heart back to me.  
Like broken shells I find them  
scattered round my feet.  
Where do broken hearts go  
to end the misery?  
Gathered by a new lover  
making footprints in the sand,  
my broken heart now rests
 in another's gentle hand.
Easy Remembering
~*Marge Tindal*~  
Today you returned 
to rest upon my cheek as a tear  
After all this time  
it caught me in amaze  
As I reached up to brush you away  
you clung to my fingertips  
I caressed you  
smiling with easy remembering  
at all the wonderful thoughts  
you left with me  
It was then I realized  
that even though we aren't together  
you were worth remembering  
Somewhere I think the same song  
is playing my memory for you  
I just wanted to let you know  
it's okay ...  




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