Gentle Spirits Walking
~*Marge Tindal*~

When Gentle Spirits walk
the wind dances on the river
Clouds part allowing the shredded sun
to sweep across confetti skies
Where Gentle Spirits go walking
across stepping-stones of legends
they impart wisdomed ripples
in the raging waters of regret
Seeking solace in the salted creek beds
where tears flowed in tumultuous tumbling
beneath the soil of red souls
ever moving
ever moving
ever flowing
Ancient spirits of the past walking
I am moved
to follow ~
in moccasin prints
across the chasms 
touching yesterday
I feel the presence of a herd of them
shaking me
awakening me
Saying Now is the time
while the yellowed moon
sits high in the westerly sky
Now before the morning sun draws nigh
Now before all of the memories have gone by
N o w
And so
now it is
Gentle Spirits walking my way
calling my name
now - now - now 
I write to appease them
to appease me
Offering the night respite from keep
of things that need to be remembered
Spirits walking from lands afar
stopping to rest
within me
Into me they come
filling the vessel
with approving words
meant to be poured
from me
from me
from me
~ ~ ~
I am in the keep of
Gentle Spirits Walking




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