In Heaven's Pastures
~Marge Tindal~ 1999

Time and again I am reminded
of what my mission must be.
It is left to me to tell
of the walk through history.

The spirits speak and I am but a messenger.
The anointing of voices come through me.
I did not seek the appointment
I only know them to be.

The Trail Of Tears is not to be left
as merely a page in a history book.
It must be brought to life
through the telling and taking a look.

A travesty of injustice
portrayed in the land of the free.
For the Native American Indians
it was not meant to be.

Free?  No, they were not.
Free?  Only the land our forefathers got.
Free?  Set loose to roam.
Free?  Never to regain their lot.

Someday there will be
a reckoning of the call ...
to the Greatest Maker
who will judge us all.

I will stand where the great Cherokee
stands in Heaven's pastures.
I will see those who walked the Trail of Tears.
I will stand shoulder to shoulder
with the peace in my heart at last.

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