Joshua's Tree ...
~Marge Tindal~ 1999

The little Indian boy
standing straight and tall,
didn't know the signs coming
of the great fall.

Joshua Little Tree stood
on the plains that day,
wondering why they had
to walk so far away.

Traipsing through the snow
and the wind covered trail,
was almost enough to
cause him to wail.

He walked and walked
until he could walk no more.
he lay down in the snow
and added to the score.

Now when you walk along 
The Trail Of Tears today,
Joshua's Tree is there to remind you
of the price he had to pay.

Standing straight and tall
a fitting memorial he leaves,
a reminder to the boy
history cannot retrieve.

But gaze at the tree
standing by the trail,
when the wind blows, listen ...
you can hear Joshua's wail.


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