Legends Run Deep
~Marge Tindal~  1999

Deep in the heart of this Cherokee,
burn the legends of time.
Written in the history books
I bring forth the stories in rhyme.

A peaceful nation upon the land
content to roam and be free...
no threat to the power of any race,
just free to be.

I did not write the legends.
I did not see them fall.
I did read the history books...
the stories of horror recalled.

A quiet nation of peoples
herded across the vast land...
herded across like cattle,
their possessions taken from their hand.

The Cherokee was not
the only nation so treated.
All American Indians were
badly mistreated.
I fight for recovery
for all of them.

I stand tall that they may take heed...
Until we stand united.........
we all suffer from the greed.

Whatever your tribe
your heritage wear with pride.
Join with me fellow brothers.
We will not go and hide.

We are proud.
We stand tall.
We will stand united......
and claim for us all.

American Native Indians
count your blessings and then...
pick up the mighty legends
and let the stories begin.

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