Moccasin Man
~*Marge Tindal*~

Where have your moccasins taken you ?
What stories of bravery do they tell ?
Whatever paths of heartache they've trod,
I'm sure you've worn them well.

What trails have you traveled ?
What sights have you seen ?
Where do you tell your legends ?
When and where do you dream ?

Silently through the forest,
stealthily through the glen,
always knowing where you are going,
yet knowing full-well where you've been.

The man who walks these moccasins
is a warrior, brave and true.
Walking a path of righteousness,
a path with spirits too.

The visions of tomorrow,
a glint within your eyes.
The legends of those who went before you
are now fully realized.

Onward, Warrior, onward.
Walk the land with pride.
I will follow closely
until I walk by your side.

Take off your moccasins, my Warrior.
Rest with me a while.
Sing to me of ancient times.
Give my heart a smile.

The soul of the moccasin man
stands proud, brave and true.
The very soul of the moccasin man
is what I love best in you.

*There is only one 'Moccasin Man' who walks in my heart.
He has worn holes in his soles ... but not in his soul.
May the gentle spirits guide you on many more journeys, Don Anger. 
~Maiden Of The Morning~




*All poems Copyrighted by ~*Marge Tindal*~
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