Look closely at the mountain

SkyeLara's Songs
~*Marge Tindal*~

She sings to me of yesterdays
this little muse of my heart
Gems of ancient wisdom
she gently does impart

Lays them at my feet
and dares me pick them up
Pours the legends of the past
into my overflowing cup

SkyeLara - SkyeLara
Singer of the legends songs
SkyeLara - SkyeLara
In my heart you do belong

Sing to me, SkyeLara
I wait in silenced reverie
Flow the ancient phrases
into the heart of me

Fashion the thoughts
I need to share
SkyeLara - SkyeLara
what treasures you bear

Sing to me of the coming of peace
on some great day's dawn
Breathe soft whispers of the past
so I can pass them on

Sing, SkyeLara, Sing
All poems has a copy right, please contact Marge
if you want to use any of them.

The music is " The Messenger"
If you wrote this music, let me know so I can give you credit.



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