To Quest The Visions

I will wear this commitment close to my heart
and let it serve to remind me - my mission is not yet complete.

~*Marge Tindal*~ 


From the heart of this Cherokee ... you have heard the wails
of ancestral brothers through the tears shed on the Trail
Events not-of-our-making ... nonetheless they remain
as tragic circumstances bearing our country's founders names 

In the salt-water pools of history, lay the tears of American Indians
On blood-stained shores of indignation, never given an ending
Thus in the quest of visions, are the legends laid at my feet to tell
I have to pass them on to others, as I know my mission well 

We cannot mend - what we do not know was torn
So on the pages I must write of the stories that time has borne
When the White Buffalo calf is come, the legend has it that we
will dwell together as ONE people - what a great day that will be 

The land so taken and abused - in abundant nurture will again grow
The waters pure across the mountains, surely again will flow
Creatures that were driven by the 'progress' of man
will walk the plains to multiply all across the land 

Most gratifying of all - will be the peace among mankind
It will be ... as it was - when man indeed was kind 
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