Wailing Of The Warrior
~*Marge Tindal*~

Once upon a midnight,
in the land of long ago.
The Warrior took a Maiden,
to be his...and so. 

The telling of their story,
casts a spell upon the listeners yet.
A story of love found - love lost,
and a love you will not forget. 

They met in the glen,
where the animals roamed free.
They fell in love and pledged
to always protect each other's needs. 

There came one chilling November,
when he laid her body in the cold, cold ground.
The Trail Of Tears they were forced to walk
left sorrow's spirit all around. 

The Warrior tried to make it alone,
the tears frozen upon his cheek.
His Maiden was no longer by his side,
for her he did so openly weep. 

He thought of going onward,
but could not leave his heart.
A man of honor, he returned
and now they will never part. 

He returned to the spot he had placed her.
And there he laid his body down.
His spirit restless is still heard today,
those who listen can hear the wailing sound. 

His heart crying out,
"Maiden, I failed the test.
I could not protect you,
though I loved you best." 

Out upon the plains at night,
you can still hear the Warrior wail.
Joined now with his Maiden love,
buried along The Trail. 

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if you want to use any of them.
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This music is called "Mourning"
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