We Are One
~*Marge Tindal*~

Walking into the night
I see the yellowed moon.
I gather close to The Spirits.
They tell what I am to do.

I sit my Vision Quest,
surrounded only by the talk
of the bear, the eagle, the buffalo,
the wolf and the hawk.

As the transformation begins,
I am enraptured by the messages they bring.
I listen and I learn
why I've been given these wings.

I am quiet. 
I do not speak.
I listen to The Spirits
as they explain my quest to me.

It is foretold 
that those who listen
will gain the reason 
for their mission.

I am learning.
I am yearning.
Eager to tell the stories 
as they have been told to me.

I ache with heartbreak
at the sorrow in the telling.
I know that I must learn
so that others who may pass my way
will know the stories I keep.

I must soar with the messages
for others to hear.
It cannot be left undone,
they must fall on all ears.

We are One
We will not be undone
We are One
We are One
We are One
All poems has a copy right, please contact Marge
if you want to use any of them.

This music is called "Whipper Will"
If you wrote this music, let me know so I can give you credit.


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