Whispering Winds
~Marge Tindal~ 2000

I hear them whisper your name,
those mighty winds that blow.
I know that you are close at hand
the winds just told me so.

The direction from whence they blew,
I'm not sure I know.
For only when I hear your name,
am I sure the winds did blow.

Caressing my face with a whisper.
Calling out your name.
The winds of delight entice me.
I will never be the same.

I will follow the singing wind,
and where it leads I'll go.
For the wind that blew you to me,
will take me where I must go.

Upward into the hills.
Calmly across the sea.
Hold on my love, I'm coming,
the wind has set me free.

Free to look and search this earth
no matter how far that may be.
Free to follow the whispering wind,
until it blows me back to thee.

I hear your laughter on the wind.
I try with all my might
to reach out to you
on this windy night.

I feel you getting close to me.
I feel your whispered love.
I will reach my hand to you
please find me, my sweet dove.

You grasp my hand in yours
and softly speak my name,
out of the whispering winds
we are together again.



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