~Marge Tindal~   1999

In the Indian village
there resides
one who talks
while others abide.

They call her by the name
Woman~With~Tongue~That~Wags, and so ...
they listen as she speaks
and tells the tales of long ago.

She is blessed with the tongue
that the spirits come through.
She chants the stories
and they come alive for you.

While others sit and listen,
she opens her mind and her heart
to the spirits of long ago
their wisdom to impart.

Always in the telling
she pauses to hear more.
The spirits wag her tongue
it's what she is here for.

She's revered for the stories,
she shares long into the night.
The spirits use her courage
to tell the stories told with might.

She never lets us down
when at the campfire we arrive.
keeps the stories alive.

When the fire burns down
to just the glowing embers,
ceases to remember.

In slumber we rest
knowing full-well ...
tomorrow night she will
have other tales to tell.


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